On Friday, September 13th, 2002, my mint-condition, 1985 Pontiac Parisienne was stolen on Capitol Hill.    For over 17 years, my family, and later myself had cared for this classic American boat, and driven it almost a quarter million miles.    Losing the Pontiac was like losing an old friend.    But surrender to the thieves I did not.   On Saturday a companion and I went searching the popular stolen-car drop zones in DC.    Although we found nothing, it gave me hope.   So, on Sunday, I went alone on my bike looking for my kidnapped car.   I was on my way home after a rainy, fruitless day of searching when I pulled up to 17th St., and saw three people I did not know driving my car.  Two stakeouts, a tail, one high-speed police chase, and 27 hours later, I had my car back, and the culprits in custody.


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